Dr Joe’s Breakthrough Moments

Poison Frogs & Taking “The Big Leap”

October 14, 2019

People will usually agree to the idea that they are their own worst enemy. However this does not mean that they have the tools or the desire to work on the limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent them from getting what they want. This week I discuss how our own lack of internal trust and inner confidence can create the exact conditions that foster a lack of inner confidence. I will talk about the impact of martial art training and transformational disciplines on correcting this over time.

All the music I use on my podcast come from Shaolin-Do students, current and past, or personal friends. Today's comes from 

F. Joseph Santori, Christopher Jackson and Pete Neonakis

You might remember him as Joey Santori

 (album) Alpha Rhythm


The Book i reference is "The Big leap" by Gay Hendricks

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